Event is over!


The 2017 European Jeepers Jamboree toke place in DOUZY, north of France in the region the Champagne en Ardennes.

The base camp situated near the center of the village with the usual party tent, facilities and new a swimming pool, Karting Track and Bowling next from the event.

Also at the airport flights can be made, local restaurants, supermarket at walking distance.

Check frequently our web page and Facebook for latest information updates.

"Many Thanks for all the Fun we had!!!"
"See you in 2019!"

"Merci beaucoup pour tout le plaisir que nous avions!!!"
"Voyez-vous en 2019!"

"Vielen Dank für den ganzen Spaß wir hatten!!!"
"Wir sehen uns in 2019!"

"Veel dank voor al het plezier dat we hadden!!!"
"Tot ziens in 2019!"